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Mission Statement


The mission of J. Z. Shah Arts & H.P. Desai Commerce College is to help and promote education by providing the opportunities and creating environment along with academic, cultural and social activities for holistic development of learner’s personality with the following objectives.


  • To prepare students for lifelong learning, leadership, service and responsible citizenship.
  • To serve the needs of ethnically diverse students and students with disabilities.
  • To promote acquisition of knowledge and offer opportunities and upgrading knowledge, training and skills in all fields of human endeavor by developing education network with the use of modern communication media and technologies to accept challenge of new era.
  • To promote amongst students a sense of equality, national integration, social justice, secularism and to act as a catalyst in social economic transformation for the city and state development.
  • To make arrangements for promoting healthy atmosphere, corporate life and welfare of students and employees.
  • The development and enhancement of the inner potential and self confidence of individuals by offering them ample scope for active participation in various activity.