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N.S.S. : Activity

National Service Scheme was started by the government with the aim of developing social skills in the students. It is obligatory to join any one of the activities viz. NSS or Physical Training for first year and second year students. Term will be granted only on the successful completion of the prescribed work. 120 hours of work in NSS and 75% attendance in physical training is must. Attending the NSS camp is compulsory.


“Not Me but You” In this self centric world and evaporative values the students are taught to develop “You Attitude” thereby obtaining self respect, to self complement and finally self satisfaction. Committees of N.S.S Officers are:

Major activities can be enlisted under the following Headings.

  1. Preserve and serve for cleanliness: Swachhata Abhiyan Cleanliness campaign
  2. Blood detection and blood donation camps.
  3. Medical Awareness camps & Health checkup camps.
  4. Civil defence and Traffic Awareness camps
  5. Orientation Programmes.
  6. Different Government motivated social awareness programmes.
  7. Camps, seminars, workshops.
  8. Visits to physically and mentally challenged children & old age Homes.
  9. Visits to slums for cleanliness awareness and use of toilets.
  10. Making the world greener and saving the birds.
  11. Celebration of important days and Raising funds for altruistic activity.
  12. Empowering women. 

Committee Members:

  • Mr. J.D.Vachhani :
  • Mr.N.BBariya :
  • Mr.J.B.Chaudhary :
  • Mrs. B.A.Thakor :

Year Wise NSS Camps